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I was born in Israel and grew up in a small town called Rehovot. My first memory is of myself, as a child in my room, doing art: drawing, cutting, tearing and gluing. I used to go to a used bookstore next to my house to buy old magazines and cut out my favorite pictures to
create collages.

My real love was for fabrics. After I was done cutting my mom's old clothes, tablecloths and sheets, I discovered the marketplace in Ramle. I vividly remember my first visit to the fabric booth: fabrics hanging in the air, flowing in the wind. I loved to pass through and touch every one of them. I was overwhelmed by the colors, textures and prints.

I still do the same thing today. Fabrics are a great source of inspiration for me. Sometimes, a work of art starts from a little piece of fabric. When I moved to California with my husband and daughter, I started painting. The distance from my beloved homeland, made me look for the familiar faces, sites, smells and colors. I'm very proud of my roots, my culture and my tradition. California’s cultural diversity allows me to express my identity, while sharing it with this unique community.

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